IAM Setting the record straight

Woke up this morning to some bullshit so i decided to blog about it.

I announced a little over a month ago that i have a one year old daughter named Lyric. Ever since then there has been mostly negativity thrown our way. This is something that i knew would happen so THAT is why i delayed the process of sharing my happiness with this lovely world. I did not HIDE. I was out doing everything i normally do. Please believe i was not in the house looking at the wall waiting for time to pass. Jus because i didn’t publicize my pregnancy or try to make money off of it doesnt mean i am not proud of my daughter or her Father.

While i was pregnant i didnt want to deal with any negativity. When you have a human being growing inside of you, they can feel every emotion you feel. i didnt know how i was going to react with my hormones going crazy. SO i decided, im not announcing anything. If someone catches a pic then so be it, but i was going to enjoy my pregnancy no matter what. I believe that is why my daughter is such a happy baby, because i didnt subject myself to this random blog bullshit during the happiest time of my life. 

Now lets briefly discuss her father since he has been the subject people cant stop talking about. We have been together for a few years now. He has been a tattoo artist for about eight years and has been writing and producing music around the same. This whole he is a stripper and changed careers real quick so i wouldnt look crazy is some bullshit. Just like every man out here, he found a hustle that had nothing to do with selling drugs, robbing people, or anything where he would be put in jail. A lot of people make assumptions about a profession based solely off of one experience you have had or something you have seen on TV. The club he used to work at years ago for (2yrs) was basically a competition where guys would compete for the most attention by creating the hottest dance routines and music in L.a, that I now see all over the music biz and videos you all love. Some dancers were into the frilly costumes. and a other just wore jeans, bandanas chucks and a tank tops (mine). He never Strip down naked or to a thong. His image was and is Compton, Hood. My man/Daughters father, is a song writer, HipHop Artist and a Well-Known Tattoo Artist. And has been doing these things for years. And is making money to take care of his Son & his Daughter the legal way so he can be here to raise them. When he releases his Music and Art Work he has been doing i guarantee u, i wont have to say anything else. 

I dont owe anyone an explanation about MY life. Just decided to set the record straight so people who think i CARE about their opinions will MAYBE give it a rest. 

The past is the past & the future is the future, and its Here.

i love my daughter & i love her father. And would not change ANYTHING for ANYBODY 

Thanks for listening

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